Yermolaiev Andrij
head of Strategic Group Sofia
I am honored to present our project - Strategic Group Sofia

We continue the tradition of our long-standing project

Our goal is to return the dialogue of Ukrainian intellectuals who share the ideas of reforms and progress, deep social transformations, which are united by the idea of a new Ukrainian project. Those who are responsibly inspired by the idea of a new Ukraine, a modern, just, developed Ukraine. It is symbolic that the creation of a new open project and an ambitious application for deep intellectual work for the future takes place at a time when the country is experiencing the most difficult socio-political crisis in all the years of its independence. People of different generations and different views today take an active civil position and demand from politicians, public figures, intellectual circles answers to a simple question - when will deep modernization changes finally take place in Ukraine? When will Ukraine become really economically renewed, comfortable to live in, humane towards everyone? Their demand is a reaction to endless crises, stops, stagnation. It is a desire to overcome injustice, lack of freedoms, economic poverty, corruption and social cruelty.

We believe that it is our moral and professional duty to give this answer. It is the idea of a new Ukrainian project, the idea of an effective modernization course that should unite intellectuals who want to cooperate with us. We see our mission in the dialogue discussion of the new modernization platform for Ukraine and the organization of a communication platform to formulate an adequate way to build the future of our country with leading intellectual circles of Ukraine and other partner countries, leading international organizations, institutions and intellectual centers. To be out of politics and at the same time to encourage the creation of a new modernization policy - is how I would express our common ambition. I also know that many of our foreign friends and partners are ready for such cooperation and assistance, and sometimes it is only necessary to take a step forward so that this desire turns into a joint project, product, new program. "Thinking about Ukraine together" - this slogan is gaining special historical significance today. We see this path as a path to the European community, as a necessary transition from the post-Soviet to the modern European republic of Ukraine. And I am convinced that we need each other, because there is a common goal - a new, modern Ukraine!

Who are we?

Space to build an adequate understanding and discussion of modernization strategies and organization of intellectual dialogue for the future of Ukraine.
What is our idea:
1. Revival of expert dialogue
Organization of open discussion of new strategies for modernization of Ukraine. Overcoming information manipulation by redesigning the flow of disparate events into a clear context and logic.
2. Freedom of the author
We set the Meta-theme as the logic of interpretation. You have complete intellectual freedom to describe your competent vision of the topic. The trend of thought should not be set by "news events".
3. Open discussion of the future of Ukraine
Introduction of open forms of discussion of goals and ways of modernization, with the involvement of the public, business and the state, effective use of international experience and knowledge. We must learn to learn the lessons of intellectual dialogue that are useful to our country.
What are we competent in
Globalism and foreign policy priorities.
Modernization of the economy.
Constitutional process.
New cultural policy.
Information society and modern media technologies.
Sociology of modernity.
Наша команда:
Yermolaiev Andrij
head of Strategic Group Sofia
Identifies key areas of our work and provides politicians and statesmen with sound recommendations on Ukraine's development programs and strategies. A. Yermolaiev successfully establishes an expert dialogue with the participation of recognized experts in the field of political and constitutional reform, economic modernization, regional development and European integration.
phd - sociology, author in Strategic Group Sofia
Doctor of Sociological Sciences. He specializes in the problems of research of socio-cultural processes and development of concepts of socio-cultural policy. During his professional activity he took part in the development of documents related to the modernization of socio-cultural policy of Ukraine.
Vadim Yemets
economist, Strategic Group Sofia
Economist. He specializes in macroeconomics, the functioning of individual financial markets, the valuation of assets of enterprises in the real sector of the economy.
Yermolaiev Dmytro
Expert, Editor-in-Chief at Strategic Group Sofia and "Горизонты Событий" journal
Ruslan Fareniy
regulatory analyst
Contact us in any convenient way. We are always happy for new ideas and will answer your questions:
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